Email/Spam Protection

Protect your users’ desktops, laptops, and mobile devices from email threats and spam attacks before they can infiltrate your systems.

SFOcloud ’s email/spam filters ensure inbound messages are stripped of spam, phishing attacks, viruses, and ransomware -- or they’re stopped at the door. It gives small- and medium-sized businesses the same high-level protections that enterprise-level corporations enjoy.

This means nefarious links to phishing sites that come inside spam emails can’t be opened by your unsuspecting employees, and that viruses and other malware that come in cleverly disguised impostor emails can’t infect your network.

Our technicians can all but guarantee your email server and software are fully protected by the following features:

  • Advanced, real-time attachments and URL link analysis
  • Unlimited storage in our fully-secured cloud-based archive
  • Threat detections that automatically quarantine dangerous emails
  • Encryption schemes that ensure all sensitive emails are protected
  • Email continuity keeps messages flowing during partial network outages

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can keep your computers clean,
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