“IT explained in non-Geek speak” 

When technology changes come up, we are given options with explanations so that an non-IT person can fully understand the choices and cost/benefits that best fits our purpose. 

SFOcloud keeps up-to-date on technology and helps as avoid technology decisions that we regret.

“fair and reasonable prices with prompt service”

The biggest benefit to moving to cloud has been the ability to work anywhere. Accessing shared files, calendars and accounting system from virtually anywhere has been very helpful. 

Compared to other IT firms SFOcloud has had fair and reasonable prices along with prompt assistance.

“Moving to cloud has made our IT services ubiquitous”

Using SFOcloud's cloud solutions for my computing needs has been terrific. It is a seamless and invisible link between my office computing and laptop computing. Whatever I put on our network drive is instantly available for both.

SFOcloud personnel work great with our internal IT personnel.