VoIP Telephony

The benefits of changing from a legacy phone system to an internet-based VoIP system are numerous
and varied.

Making and receiving calls over the internet with a VoIP telephone system is easier to manage and far more affordable than your old-style traditional telephone system.

What’s more, it gives small- and medium-sized companies greater flexibility when they need to add users, and comes with an array of modern telecom features that allow you to send voicemails to your email inbox, set up mobile video conferences on demand, and integrate your VoIP with your email, CRM platform, QuickBooks, and much more.

Installation, management, and maintenance are all included with an SFOcloud VoIP system, and you’ll
also enjoy:

  • Easy Operation - browser-based functionality is ideal for today’s office worker
  • Enhanced Mobility - make and take calls on your office extension from anywhere
  • Unbeatable Savings - significantly lower per-minute charges for voice traffic
  • Advanced Multimedia - video conferencing and virtual meetings can be conducted at your desk
    or on the go
  • Seamless Integrations - connect calls and route messages to other business systems with the click of
    a mouse

To find out more about how a VoIP Telephony system from SFOcloud
can benefit your business and make life easier for both your internal
and external customers, give us a call today!